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    Default My pelvis is gooone

    Warning: a very big whinge and rant ahead.

    Okay, my pelvis has officially gone and I can't even sit down as it puts weight on it. I can't hardly sleep, even keeping my legs together at night doesn't stop the searing pain from my pubic bone. The only thing that makes it slightly bearable is sleeping with the body pillow between my knees and on my side, but I can't do that all day. I can barely walk, bending down at all nearly makes me scream. I had SPD previous pregnancy, maybe I'm a sook now but I don't remember it being this bad, it was just agony during actual delivery.

    The baby has been unusually quiet since this happened to, since the pain got so bad. It's like he's a dead weight on my pubic bone. Could this mean he's dropped? To make things worse, right now he feels posterior and my tail bone is paying for it. I don't want him to stay this way.

    Is there ANYTHING at all they can do this late? I have been told to expect a very large baby, around a 9-10lb as the u/s I had done a couple of weeks ago had him measuring 2 weeks ahead and also my FH is 39cm. Is it possible that I'm just not big enough to carry this baby and this is why I feel like I'm splitting in two?? A hospital OB I saw last week was making those sort of murmurings but I don't take any notice of that usually as I thought it was a myth that a baby can be too big for a lady. I am 5ft, DP is 6ft 2 and this is my first baby with am I going to fit in and carry another 6 weeks of baby in here in this much pain and there is no room for my uterus to go any higher?


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    The height difference between my DH and I is similar to yours and your DH. My little bubby was only 5 pound 12...I had even asked the midwife less than a week before what her guess was and she said 6 1/2 to 7 pound. I also had people telling me that I would have a HUGE baby because of DH's height...even my you really want people telling you that!! Then DH and I were watching something on TV...can't remember what though...and a doc did say that generally a woman will only ever have a baby as big as her body can handle.

    I had the worst pelvic and pubic bone pain in the weeks before Oskar was born and it would hurt to sit then once I got there it was ok...then it hurt to get walk, to roll over in bed, to move and my tailbone killed as well and I was in tears at times cos I just didn't know what to do...a bath helped sometimes..just very slowly and carefully lower yourself in and the same when getting out. You may find you need DH to help. Once bubs was born though it all went away!! I hope it gets better for you, I know how much it can hurt

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    Wow Aranah! I am in you exact position right now! With my first it wasn't as bad but I had a c-section due to a breech position. So I am terrified of what it is going to do to me when I attempt to birth naturally! Which is really important to me that I do try! As I'm terrified of another c/s as well...

    Sleeping is the worst! And the pain in the early morning is so unbearable my partner has to help me to the toilet, it takes a good 10mins to get there (2 doors down the hallway). I'm just told that there isn't much doctors can do, but I can't wait till the pregnancy is over so I can get an x-ray!

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    I'm so sorry you are in so much pain. Are you seeing a chiropractor or a physiotherapist? They may be able to help relieve some of the pain, although sadly I cannot promise it will go away altogether. I am 5'5" and my husband is 6'6". We were also told to expect a very large baby but I have not had one over 8lb3oz. I would take any size estimation with a pinch of salt as they are notoriously unreliable in your 3rd trimester.m I did suffer terribly with SPD, but found it did not affect me in labour as I was able to open my legs wide enough to give birth on all fours without putting strain on my pelvis.

    Most women with SPD can go full term and deliver vaginally, but like anything you need to consider your own personal situation and not the average woman's. In your situation I would be seeing a chiropractor, and ensuring my midwife was fully aware of how bad things were. Your midwife and chiropractor will be the best people to help you decide if you can go full term and give birth vaginally.

    In the meantime have you mentioned the lesser movements to your midwife? If not then this is something you need to have checked asap just to make sure bub is still happy in there.

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