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Thread: Natural Birth after C-Section

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    Default Natural Birth after C-Section

    Would love to hear from anyone who has had a natural birth after a c-section. Had an emergency c-section with my first son apparently they called it brow presentation where his head was tilted back and his forehead was coming out first. Not sure whether with my second pregnancy whether I should try and go naturally or have a planned c-section.

    Any information would help.



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    kirsty Guest


    Hi Ally,

    If you have a hunt around in [url=]here[/url], & even in the VBAC chat thread you will find some women who have given birth vaginally after a c-section & some who are hoping too (I am one of them)

    Best of luck.

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    I`m planning on a VBAC this time, are you going to see Dr McGarth this time again? Have a good talk to him or whoever your caregiver is this time.

    My boy`s head was in the same position as your boy`s plus other factors which is why I had the c/s but hopefully this time will be different afterall all pregnancies/labours are different to each other.

    God Luck

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    allyfield Guest



    I am going to see Dr McGrath on the 15th March so I will have a good talk to him and see what he thinks. I would like to go naturally, if I do I think I will be having an epidural to get through the pain.


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