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Thread: Natural Birth Support group - Any interest?

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    Default Natural Birth Support group - Any interest?

    Mods. please move this if you think its better suited in another thread, just didn't know where to put it.

    Today I was with a Midwife/Doula friend who is also a Hypnobirthing practioner. We were talkign about when I would start my sessions with her for hypno birthing. This site came up in a chat & she suggested I see if there is any interest for a group. That way if there are any interested pregnant ladies wanting to have a natural birth we could all get together and do it together.

    She is based at Winsdor Downs (Hawkerbury/Nepean area NSW) & I think the most likey time would be monday or tuesday evenings between 6.30 & 8.30pm. Its something your partner would be involved in also.

    So is there any interest?

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    I would but i don't live in Sydney!

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    Hi sweetie,

    I am on the central coast, not sure if its anywhere near you. The Hawksbury is about 25 minutes away from me by train but night time is not a good time to be travelling alone I think, plus with five kids al.l being home form schioll at that time it wouldn't work for me, unfortunatley! Damn!


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