thread: New to it all & scared!!

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    Jul 2010
    Melbourne, Victoria

    Sorry should have clarified. I will not be taking my AD's if I start to get really bad, I will certainly be going back to my GP and we will work something out.

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    jaskie Guest

    Shar Congratulations I can bet you are bursting with excitement!!!!!

    I am relieved to hear that your GP is being very cautious about taking anti-depressants. He is absolutely right in what he said about the effects on the growing foetus. The research on the effects of chemicals on the foetus is still soooooo new. We know enough to be very cautious (ie, chemicals do cross the placenta and can have effect in doses as small as parts per million) but not enough to know exactly what those effects may be with regards to thousands of chemicals used in our everyday life. If you want more info on this yourself then check out EWG's 10 Americans video on You Tube.

    I live near you and I saw Dr Michael Gronow. He has offices in East Melbourne, which is where he does most of his consulting, but also comes out our way once a week to see patients in an office directly opposite Sunshine Hospital. I was very happy with him and found him to be kind, considerate and very thorough. He answered all my questions, even the dumb ones without making me feel like an idiot!! He has been discussed previously on BB so it might be worth running a search and finding out what others have thought also.

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    Jun 2010

    Congrats Shar! How exciting!! There is also a thread on here where you can ask about OB/GYN/hospitals in your area. Hopefully you will find that useful! I look forward to hearing all about your PG.


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    Apr 2010

    yay congrats shar how exciting!! im also 0 neg blood type an my DP is o pos. usually this means an anti D shot at 28 an 34 weeks. altho i had it when i miscarried the first time just to make sure i didnt form antibodies. congrats again hunni xxox