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Thread: New allergies in pregnancy?

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    Default New allergies in pregnancy?

    Has anyone experienced a new allergy while they were pregnant? We have had cats/kittens in our house before, and it has never been a problem for me. But we just got a new little kitten (which we promised the girls when we moved into the new house) and I can't stand to be near it! My eyes are running and itchy, I sneeze, and my nose runs, etc. Unfortunately, the kitty thinks I'm her best friend, and is always trying to sit on me, especially right on my shoulder! So is this probably a pregnancy thing, which will end, or do I probably have a new allergy for life? The kids are not going to be amused, but I don't think we can keep kitty in the house anymore. Too bad - it is a really sweet, good natured little thing.

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    yes, I developed skin sensitivites while I was pregnant, to cosmetics, bandages etc that I had always used before I fell pregnant. most of them went away after i had my baby, but some have remained even now.

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    This time round ive been unable to have dairy products. If i eat them i become very ill and need to vomit... or i get a bad case of the runs

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    Hi Cricket,

    I have found I have those symptoms in pregnancy too plus like Kimbaz I am off dairy this time too and maybe forever. My daughter Emily is allergic.

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    mine is the oppisite!
    im usually allergic to eggs but while pg i can eat them

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    yes it happened to me when I was preg with #2 my DD Alyssa. I was in my second trimester and I became allergic to cats and dogs! I grew up with lots of pets and had no allergies prior to that pregnancy..and 8 years later, I am still allergic to them! Its amazing isnt it.

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    The good news is that all the common allergy medicines are known to be remarkably safe in pregnancy.

    Not only should you be able to enjoy your pregnancy without suffering unduly from asthma and allergies, but good asthma control is especially important when you are pregnant.

    With newer medicines there is often no formal information about safety in pregnancy. Nowadays, when new drugs are tested, women who are or might become pregnant are not allowed to take part in the safety tests. This means that we do not have the same information on safety in pregnancy which we have for people who are not pregnant. The reason for this is obvious. No manufacturer wants to take the least risk with unborn babies.

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    Yep hayfever and mild asthma attacks and... i dont have asthma!! My dr said Claratyne was 100% safe and showed me in the drug book and on the computer (had a few drs try and give me things i found out where dangerous so i ask them to "prove" it).

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