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    Hi ladies,

    This is so embarrassing and sorry if its TMI but i have this dried up discharge on my nipples and i have always had it. It hurts and sometimes bleeds if i try to pick it off. Is this really weird, i dont know if its going to affect my ability to breastfeed once i have the baby!

    does anyone know what i can do? if anything??

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    Dee, I didn't experience this but I have read of it before... I wish I could remember where for you!! I think it is normal but ask your doc if you're concerned. I'd suggest trying not to pick at it... from what I remember I think the discharge can stick to tiny flakes of skin so when you pull it off... ouch! Gently soak off the discharge in the shower but don't rub/pick at it. Try putting some Lansinoh on your nipples maybe. I doubt it will affect your ability to BF.


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    I had the same thing with Nicholas and this pg too. It didn't affect my ability to b/f Nicholas at all.

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