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Thread: Not knowing Baby's Gender Until Birth?

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    angelfish Guest


    We did not find out with either of ours and most likely won't find out if we have another. For me it's not so much the "surprise" thing (I can think of plenty of less physically, emotionally and financially less taxing ways to get a surprise than having a baby!) but more a belief that it doesn't / shouldn't matter. A nice side-effect is that other (mostly older) family members can have the fun of speculating.

    Strangely enough, the issue never really arose for us. With ds we had an ultrasound, but they did not offer to tell us the sex (I've since been told that you usually have to ask if you want to know, otherwise they don't say anything, unless of course your little man has a penis down to his knees that you're going to notice anyway). With dd we decided not to have any scans for other reasons, and we weren't going to have one just to find out the sex, so there was no opportunity to find out.

    With preparation, we didn't/wouldn't do or buy anything different in any case, as we prefer not to get "girly"/"boyish" clothes, toys etc. A few people mistook my daughter for a boy due to her being dressed in blue (we were given some pastel pink things by people who thought not dressing a girl in pink was tantamount to child abuse, but they really didn't suit her), and recently a lady in the supermarket asked whether my son was a boy or a girl (he happened to have a little ponytail in his hair, as he loves dressing up and preening himself - he's the only 2yo I know who asks for a foundation compact as a present [no I didn't buy him one] and I'm always saying he'll be a "Queer Eye for the Straight Guy" presenter when he grows up!).

    But as a couple of people have mentioned there are quite a few valid reasons why people could want to know, so it's obviously good that we have the choice.

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    Cammie Guest


    Thanks for the replies everyone. It is a very individual choice to find out or not to.

    I am feeling a little torn at this point whether I will find out with my next pregnancy (if I manage fall preg). Will probably lean towards not finding out. It might be fun to include the other kids in guessing the sex and weight.

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