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Thread: Nothing going right!!!!

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    Default Nothing going right!!!!

    Geez... I have just about made the decision to have a homebirth!!! I have had so many problems with hospitals that I am beginning to think that I will end up having this baby on the side of the road!!

    I should probably post this on the vents page but.....

    I have recently made the decision to ditch my ob as I was not at all comfortable with some of his comments or the attitude of his cranky midwife. Long story. I decided to make the switch to another hospital (public this time) and had appointments made for my first antenatal and the tour of the unit. I was told that the tour would be Sunday (yesterday) at 3pm. So, we all packed into the car and headed down there. Only to be told "It was an hour ago". Great. I had been given the wrong time. The lady there said that she would see if there was anyone would do a quick tour for me. She came back and said that if I wanted to wait 1/2 an hour one of the midwives would be able to do it. I said "ok... if they are happy to do it?" The lady said "well.. they are not really". :eek:

    So... not wanting to make a fuss I re booked for the next tour in 2 weeks time.

    Then, I knew I had a booking for my first antenatal with them for tomorrow but I wasnt sure what time. I called up to check and they said "No.. you're appointment was for the 1st of June" AAgghhh!!! Not again! I explained that I had actually called and made the appointment on the first on June so it would be very unlikely that the appointment would have been for then!!!!! So, again, I just made another appointment. But it isnt until the 11th of July!! In both instances they made me feel like I was an idiot. That it was all obviously my fault. Stupid pregnant woman!! I was so looking forward to hearing my little man's heartbeat again. So dissapointed. I just burst into tears. My DH said to callback and make a fuss but I dont think it would help my cause. Besides I just dont think that I have the energy for it!

    Thanks for the vent! Feel slightly better now!!

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    WOW... what hassles... I agree with the feeling like having a home birth... I would love one...

    Is there another hospital close by. or birthing centre???

    Sorry that you have gone through this... the end result will make it all better though... your little man in your arms...

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    Yeah.. There is one more public and one more private to consider. But am now kinda over switching and changing! Will just wait forthe next appointment and quit whinging!

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    I have a theory...
    You are having bad luck now, which means your birth will go perfectly!!!
    Hope things go your way soon though

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