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Thread: Nuchal Fold Measurement - cant help but think

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    Default Nuchal Fold Measurement - cant help but think


    I had my 12w u/s today for my 2nd pregnancy. Heartbeat looked good and baby was moving and waving. Nuchal fold measured .29cm which I know from just looking on the net is at the high end of 'normal' - I could be wrong? Everything else looked fine but I just cant help thinking about this... Anyone else been through this? Scan information wont be at the doctors until Tues and hopefully then can combine the info with my BT results from a few weeks ago to give me a 'risk calculation'. Tues seems so far away....

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    jessica, i know a lot of babies which have a bigger nuchal fold, but they are all healthy

    best of luck to you!

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    Jessica, I was told today by the people at the scan place that the bloods that go in conjunction were to be done only 2 or 3 days before scan. How is it that we get such differing information within the same country?

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    I was told that at 12w the NF should be <4mm, or <0.4cm - yours was certainly under this level, so it sounds like you will be OK.

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    Cass i was told i could have my bloods taken from 11wks till 13wks to go with the 12wks scan.
    Maybe some states do it differently.

    Jessica i know the waiting is a worry and i am sure everything will be fine. Can you not call your Dr's tomorrow and just check to see if they have your results early. When i had mine done they said it would be the next week and i had it done on the Thursday and my Dr had the results the next day.

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