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    Hi Gals,
    I have reached the 13 week mark today and things are going well. I am feeling better each day (although I could still fall asleep anywhere anytime!) and both DH and I are extremely relieved now that the nuchal scan is over and done with.

    I had the NT-plus tests at Sydney UltraSound for Woman on Friday. First the blood test and then the scan and then the consultation afterwards. The scan was pretty clear this time and we could see our little one just floating there looking pretty content. The results came back at 1:12690! Yay! So we are resting easy now and so happy that we can relax a little and tell the world!

    When I got back to work on friday I made the announcement! Everyone is really happy for us!

    Anyway better get back to trying to stay awake whilst sitting at my desk.

    Love Tink xx

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    That's great news! Bet you're relieved that you can finally tell the world about your little bub.

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