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Thread: Nut allergies in the family

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    Default Nut allergies in the family

    My brother has some pretty frightening allergies to some nuts and seeds (peanuts, sesame, brazil nuts, etc) and has had a couple of very life threatening situations after contact with macadamias.

    I just read that : 'If you or members of your close family suffer from peanut allergy or allergic disease such as atopic eczema, asthma, or hayfever, it is recommended that you should avoid eating peanuts or food containing peanut products during pregnancy and whilst breastfeeding.'

    This is the first I've read of this and it has me a little upset as I thought it was only about avoiding nuts when breastfeeding and not introducing the baby to nuts until they're 3 years old. I've been having peanut butter probably about 6-7 times a month and thought that my snacking on a handful of unsalted cashews or some trail mix was a nutritionally positive thing.

    I'm a bit bummed about this now but I can't cry over spilt milk...what have you all encountered in this department??

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    I have heard the same as you, but only during b/f not during pregnancy.

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    I'm having not only no peanuts, but very few nuts at all (I think I've had a few brazil nuts and some hazelnuts during pregnancy) otherwise. Up until 8w, I was eating peanuts once or twice a day - breakfast cereal, snacks... DH is severely allergic so I can't have any nuts in the house, but can have them when he's gone to work or I'm at work. However, if the baby is going to be allergic then you can't stop it, you can only hope to minimise the reaction.

    DH very kindly said he wouldn't blame me if the baby has allergies now because I like my nutty corn flakes (too bleeding right, he's the allergy man!), but I'm avoiding all nuts as much as possible for pregnancy and BFing just in case. (However, DH can't eat nuts and I can, so I still get all the hazelnuts and brazil nuts in chocolate when we're given a box of chocs!)

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