Hi guys,

I am confused!!!

I got the fee structure from my OB and it goes like this:

$1400 Out-of-pocket Ob fee (this is paid $700 at 15 wks and $700 at 25 wks)

- This covers the 24hr service available throughout my pregnancy regardless of mode of delivery (ie: caesar, etc).
- This fee is NOT covered by medicare or my private health fund.
- This fee does not include pathology, ultraosound, anathetist, etc.
- All antenatal and a postnatal appointments have no out-of-pocket expenses and are covered by medicare.

So basically this $1400 is the total amount I need to pay for my OB (not including anaethitist, etc).

It says to call the billing dept for more info on the Safety Net option. So I rang them and they explained that if I want to do it through Safety Net, they will charge me the $1400 PLUS each visit to the OB will be charged (total of about $800). But I can then claim all of this back against the safety net. But, because I am due in mid-Feb, she said it probably isn't worth doing it this way, as the safety net is calendar year, so by Jan 1st 2006, my balance for saftey net will go to $0. and they threshold is expected to go up to around $1000 from $700 next year.

I'm really confused.... but I *think* I am best off with the first option - paying the $1500 and getting nothing back. Does anyone understand this better than me, or have any similar fees charged to them?