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Thread: Odema in one side only???

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    Default Odema in one side only???

    Hi Lovely Ladies,

    I know odema is an expected part of pregnancy and *can* be a sign or PE. But I have a question, has anyone had it in one side only? My left foot (not the ankle or calf) is twice the size of the right! Nothing else is swollen and the weather is actually pretty mild...


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    em.. Guest


    Hey MG you sound like me, i noticed it last night, my left ankle is all swollen, but my right is fine.. weird hu..

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    Have you had it crossed or in a funny position? I find that if I sit too long wiht my legs crossed I get a little swelling on oone side more than the other.
    If you are worried a trip to the hossy and a BP check will put your mind at ease.

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    You make a good point Fi! I had to stop and think about it but I think I was sitting with my leg crossed! I already took my BP at home and it was normal (I'm so tragic - I bought all my own equipment when I started my nursing degree and haven't gotten rid of any of it!). I elevated my legs for a bit and it has gone down but still isn't the same size as the other one. I think I will watch it for a bit more before calling the doc...

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    MG i always find i have it more on one side than the other.
    That's good your BP is fine.

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    *~Nett~* Guest


    my left one seems to swell up too but not my right. I mentioned it at my last Obs appointment & she said that the left side often swells up more than the right, can't remember the reason she gave though.

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    Glad I'm not the only one! I was worried it had to do with surgery I had on it about 13 years ago! Nett - it's got to do with venous return. I immediatly ruled out all the obvious nasty reasons for it when I noticed it but wanted to make sure I'm not a bigger freak than normal! LOL.


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