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Thread: ok having panic attacks LOL

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    Default ok having panic attacks LOL

    so tell me, where do I find info I what we really need to have before bubs is born, and what things are nice to have but not essential

    anyone have a checklist of soughts

    yes Iknow I am only 20 weeks (tomorrow) but I have all of sudden had these moments of OMG what if I dont have this or what if I dont know what to do

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    Well Rach, I compiled a list from pregnancy magazines.
    I wrote a things to buy list and a hospital bag list. So if you have any magazines, they sometimes have that you go and buy things
    If you want, you can email me if you want me to send you a copy of my list? But you should be able to get ideas from magazines and websites. I bet if you googled it, you'd come up with something as well

    I'm 22 weeks and bought my first things only today...I'd recommend buying one or 2 things a week, to pace yourself and to help stop panic and overwhelmedness..I wish I'd started a few weeks sooner...

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    The things you really need before baby arrives -
    ~ Somewhere for it to sleep (if baby isnt' sleeping with you) - a bassinet is good for the first couple of months, or they can go straight into the cot.
    ~ bedding
    ~ pram
    ~ change table or a changing mat with somewhere close by to keep wipes etc.
    ~ Muslin wraps (for summer baby)
    ~ bibs (incase it's a puker)
    ~ bottles and sterilising equipment if bottle feeding
    ~ breastpump if breastfeeding (some say you don't need this immediately but I had to run to the nearest chemist and pay a fortune for mine in the middle of the night because I was about to explode! This was the day after we got home from hospital)
    ~ clothes - it will be hot up there when baby is born so go with short all-in-ones, and just get 2 or 3 long sleeve/long leg in case it gets cool.
    ~ singlets and socks
    ~ nappy bag
    I guess those are the bare essentials.

    My one word of advice on buying baby things - if you are having a girl DON'T waste money on those cutesy newborn dresses. They are the biggest pain in the butt, and they look awful on floppy newborns (especially after they've been strapped in the car seat LOL). And they have to be ironed. You just get a point where you won't bother with them. Stick to clothes that don't need ironing and are easy to get on and off.

    Also start buying disposable nappies and wipes NOW. Get a good supply up, when your baby is about a month old it will dawn on you how expensive they are going to get

    The main 'luxury' item we used with DD was the Fisher Price Aquarium bouncer. She lived in that thing for months, she loved it. We couldn't have lived without it.

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    WOW, I am getting ready to pick up our big laybuy!!! We have already got the cot and bassinet at home, and bare essential clothes to get us by until we know what bub's is so we can buy pink or blue!

    On our laybuy we have:
    Change Table/Bath (in one)
    Car Seat
    Nappy Bag
    Cot/Nursery set (Malawi by kidsline) includes - wallborder, nappy stacker, lamp, cot set - sheet, doona etc, dirty clothes hamper and wall hangings.

    so pretty much all the big stuff is done, we already have a portacot, so after baby shower will see what we still need...

    As for clothes we have:
    17 singlets
    10 pants/top outfits
    10 jumpsuits (legless, but with sleeves)
    4 bonds wondersuits
    15 pairs of socks
    14 beanies
    6 legless/sleevless jumpsuits...

    Need a bit more but as I said will wait til after baby shower... oh and to find out what bub's needs - pink or blue!


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    I am glad I am not the only one Emma LOL

    Nelle would love a list all the mags I have all seem different [email][email protected][/email] is me

    ok thisis what I have, we had a few things from when we lost our Katy in 2003

    a cupboard
    a pram
    rocker/bouncer thing
    porta-cot 1 here, 1 IL's place we plan on getting one for mums place, the one from here will go to Agnes (holiday place)
    bassinet (on lay-by pressie from mum)
    7 size000 short sleeve romper
    2 size000 sleeveless/short leg rompers
    3 dozen cloth nappies
    6 flannie nappies
    10 bo baby liners
    activity mat for floor
    fisher price aquariium thing for side of crib
    angel care movement and sound monitor
    baby bath
    numerous size 0 clothes for next winter LOL
    2 boxes huggies wipes one travel thing of wipes
    a change mat bag
    3 set cotton cot sheets
    1 set flannie
    6 wraps light flannie
    3 blankets
    ok maybe I maybe I dont really need to panic too much

    we decided we are buying a chest of drawers for change table, pick that up next time we visit IL's
    also cot we will order next time we visit mum
    car seat we have pretty much settle on a turn-a-tot as we have a patrol and it is about to have a 2 inch lift and as I am only 5'6" I think the turning around will be mighty handy

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    There were a couple of articles on the main site about what sme of the girls on BB have said they did and didn't need. You can find what Kelly and Nell said they found were useful [url=]HERE[/url] and what what Kathryn said she found she didn't need [url=]HERE[/url]

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    thanks Kazz off to check them out now

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