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Thread: ok to skip 8 week appointment with ob/gyn?

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    Default ok to skip 8 week appointment with ob/gyn?

    FIrstly, thank you everyone. I have never posted before but have gotten a lot of support and info from lurking and reading.
    I have just got a BFP this week and have tried to book in with Dr Denis Price at Cabrini. He is on holidays so they can book me in but I would have to miss my 8 week appointment and go straight to the 12 week scan.
    I have no idea what happens at the 8 week appointment - do you think this is a bad idea?

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    Hi k.

    I wouldn't be too worried. I'm not seeing my ob until 13 weeks, but I have seen a GP prior only because I've had a few problems though.
    Usually what might happen in those early app's is he may take a bit of a history, work out your EDD, possibly test a wee, do a bp, and maybe order some bloods (just to check routine things like Rubella immunity, HIV..etc), maybe do a quick u/s.. So nothing really that can't be done later. The other thing they usually do is write you the request forms for the First Trimester Screening (bloods and u/s) so you can have that done around 12 weeks if you want. Because I'm not seeing my ob until after 12 weeks and I'm having ther screening done before this, I have gotten my GP to just do the request forms. Or you could even ring your obs office and ask them if he could fill the forms out and you could pick them up from the reception.

    Hope that makes sense. I wouldn't be worried anyway!
    All the best

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    Thanks Lee! I have already had blood tests and pee tests with my GP so I guess it's all ok! Feel much calmer about it now.

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