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    Okay.... You would think by 33 weeks pregnant that I would know the ins and outs of what I can and can't eat!!

    I had maccaroni tonight with bacon and ham..... It was freshly made by my hubby and was pretty hot (although I wouldnt say that it was steaming).... THe ham was pre-packaged (not from the deli)... I am just abit worried as it was not steaming hot, although it had been baked in an oven in a casserole dish to melt the cheese etc.

    Aaargh.... it was a special meal for me as hubby knows that I am really really picky with my food while pregnant (it was the first bit of ham I have had all pregnancy)! And he knew I could eat it if it was hot so he made the special meal just for me... and I didnt have the heart to ask him to heat it up just a tad more

    I spose I am just in need of some reassurance

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    Noodle.....honestly, I would not stress, It sounds fine. The fact that it was freshly made would suggest it would be fine. Plus the fact it was not deli meat.....(ie it husnlt hung around for ages in the fresh air....)

    (I ate packaged ham all through all 3 of my pregnancies BTW.........)

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    I wouldnt worry, the previous poster was right it wasnt from the deli so had been packaged in a sealed bag.

    And even if it was from the deli , to do you any harm it would need to contain listeria.
    And while the odd's of deli meats, soft serve, etc etc having higher instance of listeria its still pretty uncommon.

    I mean how many times have you had food poisoning from deli ham ?
    it all comes down to odd's really and I am sure your safe, after all it was cooked, may not have been steaming when you got it, but it was cooked.

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    Thanks for your replies Lucy and Deicate Dove- I am probabley just hormonal I think it is more a mental thing to do with the fact that it is the first ham that I have eaten in the last 33 weeks and I would never forgive myself if something went wrong

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