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    Jun 2005

    The order of things...

    Hi girls!
    We're not TTC till the end of next year but I've got a question... we're planning on starting TTC in Dec 06 and will be OS until March 07. So if all went well (fingers crossed) I could be 3 months pregnant before we 'settle' back in Oz (Brisbane). So what would this mean I might miss out on? I'm concerned about missing vital scans or booking into our hospital of choice (which would be the birthing centre at the women's hospital as a public patient).
    So what normally happens when? When do you have your first ultrasound? And when do you book your hospital?

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    Jen Schuster Guest

    Hi Ren

    Usually you would book your hospital as soon as your pregnancy is confirmed to make suree you get the hospital of your choice.

    I had a visit with my GP to confirm BFP and then I was to meet with my OB at about 8 weeks for an initial consultation followed by my first scan at 12 weeks.

    Hope this helps and all works out well for you



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    Mar 2005
    Sydney, NSW

    I was in England for 2 years and came back 3 months pregnant. I still managed to book into an OB at 3 months, and that's when you have your first scan too, so I didn't miss anything. The first 12 weeks this time around, I didn't see a Dr or anything, so my first appointment wasn't actually until 12 weeks, which turned out to be 13 weeks. Good luck xo

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    Jun 2005

    Thanks! Meg- it's great to hear you did exactly the same thing... did you book your hospital then also?

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    Feb 2005
    Happy Valley, Adelaide

    Also keep in mind that a long flight might not be comfortable if you have bad m/s... 8-[

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    Lee-Ann Guest

    I refused to see a doctor until I was 12 weeks and confirmed my pg by u/s at 15 weeks. I booked into the hospital of my choice at 22 weeks. I also got in to see the OB of my choice at 20 weeks. I left everything until the last minute really but managed to get what I wanted, thank goodness. I would probably ring the hospital and OB you want to go to and see when they recommend you book in and if they think booking in after 3 months is ok.

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    Oct 2005
    A Nestle Free Zone... What about YOU?

    Hi Ren,
    I had 2 of my babies at the RBWH birthing centre. Both births were absolutely beautiful.
    If you want to book in to the birth centre at this hospital you need to put your name in a ballot. Only a certain number of women each month are drawn and therefore successful at being given a place in the birth centre for the birth of their baby. Therefore it is important to phone the birth centre when your pregnancy is confirmed and explain you want to be included in the ballot (for the month your baby is due). You can do that from overseas though. You then need to go to a 'booking in' appointment in the general prenatal clinic at about 12 weeks and if you are 'passed' as low risk you can have your baby at the birth centre providing you 'win' a place in the ballot!
    It's a bit of a procedure but it is well worth it if you are lucky enough to be drawn out of the hat!
    All the best,

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    Jul 2005

    Hi Ren

    Nobody seemed interested at all in seeing me until we were 12 weeks (just one trip to the GP to confirm, but even he didn't do another test as he said HPT was enough) - but booking in can be a problem if you wait until then in some areas (both for hospitals and obs, apparently). We're in northern Sydney.

    You could go and see the ob of your choice for a pap smear before you go and as an existing patient you shouldn't have any problem booking in as soon as you get back (esp if you tell them the situation). Make sure to take extra care with DVT if you are on a long flight when pg.