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Thread: Panic is setting in

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    Default Panic is setting in

    It has been well over 2 and a half weeks since we were told we had a high risk of trisomy 13 + 18, and 2 weeks since our cancelled CVS. We still have 7 days to wait until the amnio, and it is reasonable to say I have started to panic. BIG TIME.

    Not necessarily about the amnio itself, more the wait afterwards, and the results. It sucks that I am in this position. I am also stressing that I will go in there next tuesday and find out the baby has passed away since last scan. My partner is not at all concerned, he is convinced everything is ok. In reality it is not, unless the baby has done some serious growing in the last 2 weeks, it is measuring over a week behind.

    I cant believe i still have more waiting to do

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    Clare, big hugs to you hon! {{{{{XXXX}}}} I can't help by offering reassurance with regards to the amnio because I haven't any experience with those personally; but AFAIK it's not unusual for baby to measure behind time. I remember my sonographer telling me not to worry (at her 20wk scan, alot of Maddy's measurements were 1-2 weeks 'behind') unless it was a more drastic dating difference. ie. 3-4 weeks behind. Babies in utero go through so many grow spurts etc that it's not unusual for them to be behind the "norm" every so often.

    I pray that your results come back clear and everything is ok with bubs. Our thoughts will be with you over the next week!

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    Awwww Claire....All the best, will be thinking of you :hugs:

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    Clare big
    You know i am here for you to talk too any time you want. I know the TWW after for your results will not be easy and it will to be honest all you will think about. Have you got something you can do to take your mind off it a little ?

    I'm sure you little one is still okay. If you are very worried about the baby can you not see your OB and see if he/she can do a quick scan so you know ?

    If i did have a scan till 12wks my dates would have been a week behind also. It's normal for them to change dates around.

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    Your'e in my thoughts, all the best.

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    Thanks everyone

    Must have had a bit of mad monday hormones or something. Feeling heaps better today. Bubs has been moving around alot today (may have been the left over chiili con carne I had for lunch ) so I know s/he is ok in there. Also haven't had any spotting now for 48 hours - touching lots of wood. so taking that as a good sign. I have also been getting quite a bit of round ligament pain so everything must be growing. Hopefully with all the additional food I have been stuffing in my mouth the last 2 weeks, bubs might have had a huge growth spurt and knock our socks off

    Hoo hum 6 days to go.

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    That's great news you have felt your little one move around.
    I think we all get these stressful days that we think something is wrong. I still get days like that even now.

    Everything will be okay next week i promise. You know i will be thinking of you all day.

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    Clare I will be thinking of you all week and hope that the test next week sees your bubba in the all clear!

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    All the best with the amnio today Clare.
    Will be thinking of you.

    Hopefully we will get to meet at the hospital

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    Hey Clare, how'd it all go, I hope your OK.... Thinking of you!

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    Hi Clare,
    How did your amnio go yesterday. I hope everything was ok and that you arent in too much pain and discomfort. I fully understant the anxiety of all of this as I was given a 1 in 20 chance of having a genetic condition. Only 2 more days for me to go before we get our final results...on Friday the 13th!!!
    You're lucky you can feel bub move, I havent, however I am almost 2 weeks behind.

    Good luck with it all and let us know how you go.

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    hope everything went well for you Clare. We're all thinking of you

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    Thanks girls
    Didn't go good
    Just about to update on new post

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