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Thread: Pelvimetry to check pelvis size

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    Default Pelvimetry to check pelvis size

    Just thought I would share this from the Cochrane Library:

    The Cochrane Database of Systematic Reviews 2006 Issue 2
    Copyright 2006 The Cochrane Collaboration. Published by John Wiley & Sons, Ltd.

    Pelvimetry for fetal cephalic presentations at or near term
    Pattinson RC, Farrell E

    Too little evidence to show whether measuring the size of the woman's pelvis (pelvimetry) is beneficial when the baby is in a cephalic position
    Sometimes, a pregnant woman or her caregiver might be worried that the pelvic bones might be too small for the baby to pass through during birth. Pelvimetry measures pelvic size using x-ray, computerised tomography scanning or magnetic resonance imaging. For women whose baby is in a head down (cephalic) position, the review of trials found too little evidence to show whether pelvimetry is beneficial. There is some evidence that women having pelvimetry are more likely have a caesarean section, but there are no trials that show whether this is beneficial for the baby.
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    I had one of them with my first bub, they thought he was to big to fit though my pelvis, i was 38weeks, it only made me panic, what if i need a c/s, or what if i need an emergency c/ the end i had a normal natural vaginal birth and couldnt be happier.

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    My Mum had 2 of them one with my brother and then with my sister.Back then they didn't even let her try for a natural she was told after the x-ray that her pelvis was way to small and she could only birth a 4lb baby. Makes you wonder how accurate they are really. I think yeh some women can't birth babies because of this but a majority of it is because bub is presenting wrong.

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