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Thread: Pest control?

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    Question Pest control?

    Hi ladies,

    I am wondering when it is best to have the house sprayed? Before or after the baby is born? We haven't got a huge problem, just spiders in the backyard and the odd ****roach in the house. Though I am worried about when little one is playing in the backyard with spiders being around. Our area has red back spiders. We would be getting the outside sprayed, not the inside. When do you think would be the safest time?

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    I would do it before the baby comes and try to get away over night so you don't inhale too much of it. That way, it is done and then when your bundle of joy arrives you don't have to even think about it. I'm sure you'll have plenty of other things on your plate by then...
    What a good excuse to get away for some relaxing spa treatments or something!

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