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    Question Philadelphia Cream Cheese

    Hi all,

    just wanting to know if its ok to be eating Philadelphia Cream cheese spread. some people i've spoken with said yes and others have said no, and what about sausages? are these safe to be eating or should they be avoided also.


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    Philly cheese is OK - any pasturised soft cheese is. French soft cheese usually is bad as it's unpasturised.

    Piping hot sausages are fine, sausages that have spent the night in the fridge or time under a warm lamp aren't. I would steer clear of BBQ sausages too, they may not be cooked properly.

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    any pasteurised cheese is fine - so Philly is fine only soft cheeses like brie /camemebrt etc and unpasterised feta etc.

    sausages are fine as long as you cook them fresh and eat same while. Avoid cold sausages and leftover meats, plus deli meats I was told.

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