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    Default Photographers in Melbourne

    Just a quick question , I was wondering if anyone can recommend a good newborn baby photographer in Melbourne, nothing to over the top or "baby in pots" kind of photo's just nice black and white photo's.
    Does anyone recommend Pixie Photo's?
    Also what is the rough price of getting these photo's done?

    Thanks for your help.


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    I sooOoooo don't like Pixie Fotos! BellyBelly uses Lifeworks Photography in Northcote.
    Kelly xx

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    I prefer plain too not all dressed up etc...

    I am actually planning on going & buying some plain black satin type material to lay over our bed & then taking photo's of our girls on that!

    My sister arranged for a photographer to come & take family pics at her place a few years ago, she got some nice natural pic's of the kids outside, but basically threw a plain asating maroon coloured sheet over my sister bed & propped up my niece whom was a bubba & had all the older kids topless they look gorgeous, but were pricey! So I am gonna do it myself, with my girls topless etc!!!

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    Default SIL did that with her 2 girls (age 2 and a new born) and also of her and her DH.....she used a navy blue sheet and they all dressed in white singlets and then took their own shots and used photo-shop to bring the digi photos into black & white and they look STUNNING.....(they look really like professional family shots).

    Any good amateur photographers in your family Rach?

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    i cant wait to be able to do them myselves. If you have a friend with a high megapixel digital camera- these will work great.

    Atleast if you do them at home, you can change props and backgrounds as you like and you can play around with the photos, ie colour or B and W and you can keep altering the props.

    I guess then if you really didnt like them you could invest in a professional

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    Thanks everyone for their help, I think i will get som examples of what i want and give it a go myself... or at least let my husband give it a go ( I do not have an artistic bone in my body), and as danii suggested if they don't turn out OK, i will get professional photo's done...

    Thanks Girls..

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