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    maggie Guest

    Default pizza

    Hi, is it safe to have pizza in preg, like the one with the works, salami , ham etc, or is it unsafe.

    I thought poss would be ok, as the heat would kill anything bad on it, but i am unsure. The pizza place we go to are usually very very clean... we want it for tea tonight....

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    I have never heard of it being an issue??

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    maggie Guest


    great, i am looking forward to having it tonight

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    From working in a pizza shop when I was a teen, I would steer clear of the meats on pizza.

    Most shops don't keep them cool, and by the time you get to eat it there could be more bacteria.

    Salami and ham is a definate no.... a. because its processed and b. they don't slice the meat the day of your pizza being made, they bulk order it and sometimes can be a little out of date...

    So go for the veggie pizza - margharita!!!!!

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    Lee33 Guest


    Yep, Id be concerned about the salami's in particular.

    Ive had ham on pizzas, i just make sure the pizza is steaming.
    To double check, why dont you give one of the pregnancy hotlines a call before you order your pizza tonight?

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    bruky Guest


    I had lots of pizza during pregnancy but all was ok...I'm not in anyway saying that its safe btw :-k tho??

    I had heard if its cooked it kills any bacteria so thought I was safe?

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    Kirsty77 Guest


    Pizza is cooked at pretty high temps so should be ok. Like most take out food you just have to be careful.Enjoy your pizza!!I had it last night!

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    DoubleK Guest


    all this talk of pizza has made me hungryyyyyyyyyyy (that wouldnt be a problem, but i only finished eating dinner about 15 mins ago 8-[ )

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