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    Default Pizza???

    Hi Everyone,

    Hope all is well.

    Just a quick question. Am heading over to a friends place tonight and we're going to make some home made pizzas. I'm a bit of a fussy eater and normally just have ham and pineapple (boring, I know). Can anyone tell me if I can eat this?? I know I can't have ham but what if it's cooked/heated to kill all the bacteria?? I'm just not sure if it's safe and am already worried after m/c last time, so don't want to be pedantic but don't want to be silly either!

    Please help!!

    And if anyone has any other topping suggestions for a fussy eater, let me know!! Im totally addicted to Avacado, cheese and tomato at the moment but don't think they'd stack up to well on a pizza???


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    I think you will be fine as long as you know that it is fresh ham & cooked well.

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    Call your hospy if you're unsure

    I'd give you advice, but I am notoriously undisciplined and non-careful about what I eat.
    (unless I don't feel like it 'oh I can't eat coleslaw when I'm pregnant mum' )
    From what I know though, as long as it's been cooked to kill any bacteria, you'll be fine!

    As for fussy eating...well I don't know what foods you're fussy about! You could add some standard pizza vegies like mushroom, capsicum or um..fussy people don't like olives do they..just stack on the cheese and tomato and you know what, avocado probably wouldn't be too bad!

    Hmm..might send DH out on a pizza mission now, thanks for the inspiration!
    (For the record, I usually get vegetarian with added pineapple & pepperoni/salami. I think there's been some debate about whether pepperoni is a good idea or not because of preservatives or something, I've been fine, but that's a decision you'll need to ask your dr/midwife about and decide for yourself!)

    Enjoy your pizza! Yummm....

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    Can you not have ham, avocado and pineapple on your pizza? You're allowed odd things, you're pregnant! Any food that's properly cooked is OK, it's pre-cooked food that's stored in the fridge and not re-cooked that's dodgy, I believe.

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    I've had pizza with ham on since falling pg and i also had it with my other pregnancies and everything is fine with me

    You can just have pineapple, cheese and tomato.

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    Avocado is great on pizza. Just make sure you put it on only a few minutes before the pizza's done because it will taste a lot better IMHO. Also, meats are fine if they're cooked until steaming. So if you make a ham pizza try to eat it immediately instead of letting it sit out for a while and you should be good to go.

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