thread: please i really need advice

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    Apr 2009

    please i really need advice

    the docs saying that im 33 weeks today so i checked it out on the due date calcu but the dates he saying is that bub was made when i had implation bleeding i did have sex during it didn't know it was implation bleeding as i thought it was my period being stubborn as i had a lot to drink in that week on holidays but before that i hadn't had sex for 2 weeks help please im worried cause my last 2 kids were 6 pound 9 doc day es were same as mine and 6 pound 1 and doc dates were out they said she was early yet when she was born the midwives and doc there said she was really late my first was 2 weeks late and my second was early by docs dates but more cooked then my first second was late my dates. my boobs are leaking like crazy and got checked as hospital last night and they said that where she was sitting was at 35 weeks that she should have been sitting up higher for 33 weeks i am 33 weeks doc dates and 35 weeks and 2 days my dates which work also in the exc date that i did have sex on and hadn't had not week before or 2 weeks after. any help would be good as i dint want to risk my child because docs are wrong my Second had breathing problems after she was born

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    I'm not really sure what you are asking. Your post is quite difficult to understand.
    If you are confident that you know how far along you are then I would stick to my guns and wait as long as possible to be induced, that would be 2 weeks after you think you are due (if that is what you are worried about).
    Really if you or your doctor were uncertain about about your dates then you should have had dating scans much much earlier.
    The breathing problems could heve been caused by a number of things. My son had breathing problems after birth because he swallowed/breathed meconium and also got an infections which could have been from strep but tests were never conclusive. He was born on his EDD.
    I hope this helps, tho I'm not sure it will!

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    sorry your post is a little bit confusing, but did you have an ultrasound at 12 weeks? if so that would be the most accurate edd. You shouldn't go by fundal height, its not accurate enough, so if this is how the docs are calculating then I wouldn't worry.
    If YOU know when you DTD and you didn't a week before or after then go by the date corrisponding to that. Don't let them push you around.
    They wanted me to have another CS because DS1 had been born (via emerg CS) posterior and 9lb 4oz and DS2 was presenting posterior (apparently they wont turn once engaging) at 36 weeks and was estimated to be over the 9lb mark again, needless to say I didn't cave and went on to have a successful VBAC 9 days early and he weighed 8lb and was born anterior.

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    My dd was 4+ weeks early and had no breathing problems whatsoever so breathing issues may not have had anything to do with when the baby was born. She was also 6p11oz so was basically the size of a full term baby BUT i had a scan at 6wks due to prior m/c and did not have gestational diabeties so i know my dates were accurate and that there was no underlying cause for what was esstentially a big baby.

    Boobs leaking dont correlate to baby's age. I was well and truly leaking by 30wks with my first baby but have only had minor leaks after stimulation with this one.

    I don't understand how they would determine age by position either. My dd was partially engaged @28wks and stayed there for the next 6+wks until she was born never enaged any further. This baby is 30wks and only just turned down and not yet engaged. i have heard that subsequent babies often don't turn down until later.

    Do you not live near a hosp/doc? It seems a bit odd that you haven't already determined the due date earlier and it's an issue now at 33wks. A girl i work with intially had some issues as her preg test didn't come back positive until she was approx 12wks. Her due date was moved around a few times as a result so she did end up having a 2week period that she may have been due but that was mainly beacuse she was coming off deprovera so hadn't had a cycle for a few years and happened to get preg straight away.

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    When I was expecting my first DD I had a scan which he reckoned I was due 4th. I knew she was due 25th so the Dr said he would use both dates and talk about the date closer to when I was due.
    She was born on the 25th and would have been in trouble had we waited.
    Toward the end the Dr said the guy had my dating wrong.

    If you know for certain when you fell pregnant speak to you Dr again and tell him your thoughts.

    All the best in the the coming weeks awaiting your delivery

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    Nov 2008

    Just wondering if you are basing your calculation on the date of your last period (when it started) or the date that you had sex? It should be based on the date of your last period.