thread: Poo question ....sorry if TMI

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    Oct 2004

    Poo question ....sorry if TMI

    Sorry if it is TMI ...but within the last week when i have done a #2 , a couple of times i have noticed that it is partly dark in colour and some areas a lot lighter. Kind of like a marble effect!
    I have been on Elevit for ages so i know normally they might be a bit darker with all the iron but i havent had these multicoloured ones before?!
    I was thinking is that something to do with labour maybe starting soon or has anyone else had this happen to them?


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    Melinda Guest

    Hmmm.... :-k

    Not sure about that one!!! Haven't heard of it before.....hopefully someone will be able to answer your questions girls!

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    Jan 2005

    Mine does that, depending on what I've eaten, and whether I've been constipated.
    So (and I know this sounds gross), its normally darker the longer I haven't 'been' IYKWIM

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    May 2003
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    If I have been a bit constipated, and then eaten fatty junk food (particularly fatty fake things like Cheezles etc!) then I get this delightful marbled effect!

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    Cynthaz Guest

    My advice would be, if it looks "wrong" or "different" then switch to all good food for a while (wholegrains, vegetables, beans, etc) and take a break from the naughty things (everyone has their own particular pet "naughty food" I think). Give your digestive system a rest and things should go back to normal.