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    Hi, i am 18weeks pregnant. & without thinking today i dragged my 22kilo dog out of the house, she ran inside as she was scared(there were gun shots outside) we live on a property & people go shooting dear etc, so it freaks her out, and she was petrified, so when she ran inside i grabbed her & dragged her out, .. afterwards i thought holy lord, could this have hurt me & the baby , dragging this heavy thing out, & i had to do it twice. it didnt hurt, but how safe is the fetus. thanks....

    could this have put any strain on the baby,(i know people have things like car accidents & bad falls & things are OK)

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    I work in a vet clinic and am often wrestling with dogs around that weight, both my dogs are 24kg so I am pulling on them. Obviously it does strain on your muscles and the baby and you should avoid doing it, but sometimes these things happen and your body has an amazing ability to protect your baby. If you feel strain or pain in your abdominal area get it checked to be safe, otherwise just remember next time

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    I think the baby should be fine. The problem could be for you. By straining you could really hurt your back or pelvis due to the ligaments beginning to soften.
    There was a few times in my first PG that I was a bit gung-ho about lifting things. At the time I was working in a bottle shop and was too impatient to wait for one of the guys so I'd lift things myself. Slabs of beer and cartons of wine aren't exactly light. Sometimes I wonder now if that may have contributed to the sore back I have now.

    I hope your doggie was ok!

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