thread: Ppl think pregnancy is a free for all!!

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    Jul 2008
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    Yeah the C/S comments used to bug me too...I used to say C/S has a higher morbidity rate than vaginal birth and people would mutter something under their breath.

    As for drugs, I used to ask...would you drug your baby? Most people don't even touch panadol in their pregnancy (and people would comment if you DID use painkillers whilst pg) but their happy to advocate strong drugs to a labouring woman.

    Seriously most people know NOTHING about normal physiological labour and our hospital system makes it worse!

    And just for the record...whats wrong with being a freebirthing hippy labouring under the full moon? Its a fantasy of mine!

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    Feb 2006
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    and unfortunately, it doesn't stop in pregnancy, it goes on and on through parenthood...people just cannot help themselves.

    I don't even talk about my choices my because I don't want to hear other peoples opinions, if I need information I will research myself or ask here on BB. What people say to me now goes in one ear and out the other so they really shouldn't even waste their breath.

    I am sure you are looking fab and you will have a fantastic birth exactly the way YOU want it.

    L x

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    Aug 2008

    I can't believe how many people are encouraging me to get on the booze! "Not even a small glass of wine?" or SIL "You can just have a teaspoon of Southern, in some Coke just for the taste." while discouraging me from drinking coffee!

    Same with Panadol. I have to be just about fainting in pain to ake it when I'm not UTD, so why is it really all that surprising that I won't take it while pg?

    And, yeah, had someone tell me "Don't feel pressured into having a natural birth." Ummmm, wrong way round, kiddo.

    I was overweight for ages, and never got called fat then. Now, a few people do it (mostly folk who didn't know me when I was fat) but I love it. I signed a colleague's birthday card "Love from Fat Mumma" I embraced it - it's the one time in your life where it's fun to be fat.
    Alternatively, when people ask how I'm feeling, I reply with "FAT." It gets a laugh and beats them to their stupid comments.

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    Jul 2009

    Heva&Zacky: Can't believe your friend said that to you I've had so many ppl tell me i'm crazy, I work with kids so get lot's of parents telling me what i'm in for now, goodbye sleep, hello tantrums etc I find it funny that ppl seem more likely to be negative about having kids than positive, haven't had one person yet tell me it's the best thing we will ever experience, but I don't need to be told, I know it will be

    1sttimemumma88: Just wanted to say Well done for birthing drug free, that's my goal, I've had quite a few ppl roll eyes, raise eyebrows and laugh at me & say we'll see when I say i'm going to try doing it drug free.

    Just Me: Thanks for the link i'm going to have a squiz now.

    TeniBear: Love your responses, I'm going to try them next time someone comments on me being a fatty!

    Nickle730: I got the exact same greeting only yesterday by my neighbour "Hey Fatso" but gosh I wish I'd responded with "How ya going chubby" haha I'm going to try that next time!

    Persephone1: Thanks I think you may be right, one person who has been criticising me for wanting a natural birth and told me how much better for your body and baby a c/s is has chosen 3 elective c/s, maybe she is disappointed she never tried doing it naturally. I'm all for c/s if it's for the health of bubs but I want to at least do my best at trying to have my baby the way nature intended.

    Arcadia: I need to do a bit more research on c/s so that I can come back with factual responses, thanks good to know

    Boo boo: I'm only half way and already learning to just keep my mouth shut when ppl ask questions. I'm tired of hearing ppl's opinions.

    Audax: I'm the same as you, I've had one panadol this whole preg so far for a major headache, but def not a fan on putting things into my body. I don't want to drug my baby in labour, will be trying my best, the only way i see myself having an epidural is if I need a c/s.

    Thankyou so much for your responses and advice ladies, I've got some good comebacks now and will also be less likely to share our plans with ppl from now on.

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    Oct 2008

    Some lovely person told me that I was "as wide as I am tall" when I was pregnant.

    When it comes to TTC, pregnancy and babies, people are experts.

    When I was TTC I got - "just relax and it will happen" or "you're trying too hard" (WTF?).

    When I was pregnant I got - "wow, you're huge" or "wow, you're tiny" (yes, those two comments were on the SAME DAY!!)

    Now that bubby is here, everyone is an expert on what she "should" be doing by now eg, not sleeping in our bed, sleeping through the night etc.

    I just smile and nod now.
    Sue x

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    Re: Ppl think pregnancy is a free for all!!

    The smile n nod seems to be the key, I'll be trying that from now on

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    it will never end, it's been going on for centries, and for many more to come, you may find yourself doing it one day.
    But don't give a toss about anyone else, focus on what you want, what is best for you and bubs. I know I always feel fantastic when I'm preggers, weather people think I'm huge or tiny, i'm fat for an actual reason not just because I eat too much bad food and that feels awesome.

    Without even seeing you I know that you are dead sexy right now and that any decision you make about you and your bub is the right one for you.

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    Re: Ppl think pregnancy is a free for all!!

    Thanks kungfubecca i love my big belly