thread: Pregnancy after Ceaser

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    Salina Guest

    Pregnancy after Ceaser

    Hi guys,
    Hubby and I have been trying for about 3 months now,
    I've heard that it is harder to fall pregnant the 2nd time around after
    Ceaser....Has anyone else heard this?
    I'm in the ttw at the moment but mine is more like a oww as I have a 23 day cycle and usually get mine within 6 days of "O"
    Still trying to get used to these abbreviations.....hopeless.

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    Nov 2004
    Chasing Daylight...

    Hi Salina

    I had a C/S with my first baby, and didn't have any problems falling pg with my second... I haven't heard of anyone who had problems because of the C/S alone.

    A friend of mine TTC her first baby for almost 2 yrs. She had a C/S. When she TTC her second baby, she fell pg first cycle.

    Hmmm it will be interesting to hear what others have to say


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    Nov 2004
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    Hi Salina. I had a c/s with my second and third baby and had no trouble conceiving. I'm now pregnant with my fourth and we were trying for 8 months before we fell pregnant. Goodluck!


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    Nov 2004

    I had a c/s with my son and didn't have too much trouble falling pg with #2, however that one ended in m/c.

    TTC for #3 now!

    Best of luck.

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    Feb 2004
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    Hi salina, i had an emergency c/s with my son and it only took 2months to fall pregnant with number 2, i hope you dont have to wait too long.

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    beck.o Guest

    hi salina
    i have been ttc for ages and have just started getting tests done to see whats happening. everything is probably ok but the obgyn mentioned that some women can have scarring on their tubes, uterus or something that can impede the sperm or the eggs. i realise this isnt very specific but it can be a problem for some.


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    Jan 2004

    That's a good question Salina! Have been wondering the same thing myself.
    My DH is convinced that this might be the cause of why we are also having trouble TTC #2 after an emergency c-section.


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    Feb 2004

    C-Section May Make Conceiving Again More Difficult.
    Excerpt By Michael Leidig, Reuter's Health

    "For women who've had a normal delivery, the chances of taking more than a year to get pregnant is about 7% and for those who've had a caesarean it is about 12%," Murphy told Reuters Health. "That may not sound huge but it's a 50% increase, which is quite a large number of additional women."

    But research into the effects of caesareans on fertility is scarce, depriving women of evidence needed to make informed decisions about their mode of delivery, Murphy noted. Other studies have shown that C-sections are associated with increased risk of miscarriage, ectopic pregnancy and an abnormally sited placenta, she added.

    The findings of this study are particularly relevant for older women who want more than one child with a close interval between them, the researcher explained.
    Just found this article & thought it might interest you guys....

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    Oct 2004
    melton, victoria

    well that was interesting to read.
    i had an emergency c/s with #1,fell pg no probs with #2 which was also a c/s and now ttc#3 so far been trying 4 months so it is taking us longer this time round.

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    May 2008
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    i had a cs with my first and 11 years later, tried falling pg. fell first month, but mc at 5.5weeks, then fell the very next month but mc at 4 weeks, then nothing the next month, but fell the following. then had a cs with that baby and fell the first month trying this time round too. so no, i think your cs won't matter at all. gl xx