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    Smile Pregnancy exercises

    Hi all,

    Yesterday I finally cancelled my gym membership. I was planning to keep going to the gym right up until I am due (or until I can) but I just lost all the motivation because when I went to the gym, I just felt like I wasnt doing anything!

    My plan now is to do my exercises at home and once a week I am going to aquanatal classes. I have 2 dogs and am planning to walk them every day after work and on the weekends (they'll love me for that!) and I have also grabbed one of my mum's fitballs.

    So I have everything covered I think, except I dont know what sort of exercises to do at home cause at the gym I pretty much just worked with the weights.

    So is there anything that anyone can suggest for me to do whether it is using the fitball or something else in the house. I would really like to strengthen up my upper legs, and also try and do something with my fat rolls on my back. And I also want to do this is I just get moving because I have an office job and used to love going to the gym after work for a workout.

    I've had a quick google for exercises but havent really found anything. If you have any websites that would be good to look at, I would love to know what ones. Or if you are doing something now, then explain it and hopefully my preggy brain will understand!

    Thanks very much and I hope that other ladies can benefit from this thread too

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    I use a pilates resistance band (they cost about $10) and do arange of exercises for upper and lower body tonining and strength. I got them from a physio but also have a DVD from fit to deliver that has some good exercises on there.
    I think Preggibellies also does a DVD that you could do at home?

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    I bought a dvd of pg yoga and pilates on ebay which was great and the preggi bellies dvd (ive got the video from a friend) is great too. It has more cardio and weight stuff on it than the yoga and pilates, which i still found great for stretching etc.
    Check out the preggi bellies website - you might even have classes near you that you can join?! I also did aqua aerobics which was amazing!! I just did the normal class and the instructors modified it for me if needed. Much cheaper than some specific pg ones - one near me costs $25 for a class whereas the normal one at the pool was $10 a class! Enough rambling from me! Have fun!

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    I loved my preggy belly DVD. They do squats on there. Depending on how far along you are and how good your leg muscles already are depends on how you do them. I would start with using a fit ball behind your back on a wall which is easier than freestanding - you can progress if it is too easy. You can get the DVD cheap on Ebay or pay about $30 (I think) brand new at places like Rebel. Really is worth getting.

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    I have been thinking the same thing V and I feel guilty cause I am so unmotivated.

    I have done some excercise though, but is it too late to start something on a 2-3 day a week basis?

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    i dont think it would be too late to start, they do say not to dramatically alter your schedule so build up to 2/3 days per week perhaps. also worth asking your doc what is best if you are not sure

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