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    Default Pregnancy hormones...

    I have been reflecting lots lately about family, pregnancy and birth and I remembered some pregnant times when I was completely emotional and felt defiantly justified that what I was feeling was absolutely *NOT* pregnancy hormones and would have taken off anyone's head who felt otherwise! But thinking about it now, I remembered some of the main times (when I was in a blubbering mess usually!) when people asked me if I thought it was pregnancy hormones and I said a great big no, but now I laugh and think definitely yes! Can anyone else own up to this? 8-[

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    Oh, absolutely! I find it so hard to have patience with the kids some nights, and I KNOW that they are not being worse than usual, it's just my tolerance worn thin because I have no 'buffer zone". Everything is just that bit closer to the bone, and I don't have the energy to suffer fools gladly


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    Pietta Guest


    Nope I can say that I never had "pregnancy hormone issues* - Yeah right!! I was the same- no nothing to do with being pregnant.. you are just pi$$ing me off!! LOL

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    Melody Guest


    My whole thing with this pregnancy has been shorter & more intense response times. What would normally cause me to take a deep sigh & roll my eyes actually has my in tears & ranting. I have less control over the intensity of my emotions.

    I wouldn't say this necessarily makes me irrational with regard to the things that do drive me nuts (MIL etc ) because they would test anyone ](*,) but I certainly have less reign on my reactions.

    I hope that makes sense....

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