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    Is it possible to get a blocked duct or mastitis while you're pregnant.
    When I was taking Yasin for his walk I noticed that my boob was a bit painful. by the time I got home it was worse and when I gave it a bit of a prod it was a bit lumpy and hot like I had a blocked duct but I'm not breastfeeding so I'm not producing milk (other than the odd bit of colostrum) - if I was I would assume blocked duct and try and get rid of it.
    Has anyone ever had anything like this or heard of mastitis etc in 3rd trimester? I'm 38 weeks tomorrow so I geuss it could be related to my boobs stepping up colostrum production.
    I see my midwives tomorrow so I'll ask them but in the meantime if anyone has any suggestions/ideas I'm all ears.

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    kirsty Guest


    I remember when I was in hospital after having James & I got mastitis (but luckily only a fairly minor bout of it) & the midwife getting me cold cabbage leaves to wear in my bra. Sure looked stupid but it did work. Don't know if it would help you or not, but if you've got a cabbage in the fridge maybe you could give it a try???

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    I think it's definately worth talking to the midwives about. I guess in the meantime try to avoid any kind of nipple stimulation in case it makes you produce more milk & more blockages?

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    lindie Guest


    Just a quicky,

    a girlfriend got mastitis in the last 5 weeks of her pregnancy I believe she had some medication to relieve it but she also had the option of having it syringed out of that duct/area but thought it sounded too painful.

    But from what I know it is posible


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