thread: Pregnancy oils

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    Mar 2005
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    Pregnancy oils

    Hi guys!
    What Im looking for is an oil to rub on my belly to hopefully stop stretch marks, or at least just keep tummy moisturised. My friend mentioned Almond Oil. I was just wondering if anyone has any ideas or anything special they do throughout pregnancy. Thank you xoxo

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    Oct 2003
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    I heard & used rose hip oil, I have a friend who swears by it and who has NO stretch marks. But the main thing I used was the Palmers (it comes in the bounty bags) and it worked a treat, I did get a few stretchies during the c/s BUT they are all gone now

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    Nov 2004
    Giving the gift of life to a friend..

    My Mum swore by pure lanolin (in the olden days you could get it from Chemist in tubs) it came straight from Sheeps backs & stunk (apparently)
    I have no stretch marks from DD nor this preg & neither do my sisters..
    I guess it in Genetic as Mum never got any either, I put a slather of any old moisturiser on my belly when I get outta shower!

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    Sal Guest

    Trace and Christy - lucky things!

    Yep, it's genetic (plus also of course how much weight you put on during pg). Moisturisers/oils only sit on the outer layer of skin, whereas the stretch marks come from the collagen layer (deep down) tearing. And how 'stretchy' your collagen is unfortunately is genetically determined.

    I have no mum and sister both got lots of 'em...

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    davvie Guest

    Ive been using The Body Shop Brazil Nut Body Butter and it seems to be working a treat! So far so good, smells soooo yummie too.

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    Apr 2003
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    Sorry - I can't help you there!!

    I have three road maps to happiness!!

    I have heard that cocoa butter is pretty good.

    In my case, I had no hope!! Mum and sister are riddled with them too!!

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    Nov 2004
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    I use cocoa butter...smells delish and makes my skin feel gorgeous too...otherwise get really itchy. I havent faired too badly with stretch marks this time round...prob cos my tummy was already so stretched from before...sigh....ya gotta love it!!!


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    Mar 2005
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    Thanks for the tips. I love the nice smelling cocoa butter and nut one from the body shop!! I didn't get stretch marks last time, and hope I won't this time, but thought if I got DH to rub it on my belly at night, it might be a bonding experience for him with bub!! Also my friend was using almond oil on her tum and her skin looked soo nice! Think I'll start with Almond Oil and see how I go. xox

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    Melody Guest

    Meg I am a coccoa butter girl too.... also the intensive care. My sisters & mother faired pretty badly with stretch marks & i was 'creaming' twice a day after each shower (belly, boobs, lower back & upper legs) from about a month before i got pregnant & I dont have one single stretch mark.

    My theory is that it isn't the cream that prevents them it is the level of commitment to do it regularly, without fail & aid your skin in its elasticity. Mind you everyone is different. My sisters put on thier weight quite suddenly & dramatically from 6.5 months whereas I have done it gradually over the entire pregnancy. Maybe it is the luck of the draw?

    Good luck Meg!

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    Hon, I used Palmer's Coco Butter, and It worked a treat, didnt use it the 2nd pregnancy and I got stretch marks, gone now, but proved it worked though! O

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    Nov 2004

    I am using Jurlique Hops Lotion followed by Sweet Almond Oil and it seems to be working a bit. I used Body Shop Mango Butter during pg and Jurlique towards the end of pg - you cannot use it before 7 months pg.