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    kirsty Guest

    Default Pregnancy symptoms & signs

    Hi I'm just wondering if you had or have/ or didn't have any of the "usual" pregnancy symptoms.

    For example some women say they get a metallic taste in their mouth ~ I haven't experienced that.

    Some women say their breasts turn into road maps with all the blue veins they can see ~ I haven't got that (unless it is a hot day & it is straight after I take my bra off)

    Some women say their aerola & nipples change colour ~ another one I haven't gotten (& they didn't change colour during my first pg or when I was bf'ing) although my aerola have gotten a bit bigger.

    Some women say they get an increase in CM from the time they conceive ~ nope there's another one I haven't got - in fact I don't think my CM has changed in amount at all.

    As far as I can work out about the only changes I have noticed that I've gotten are my periods have stopped (not even an implantation bleed here), my boobs have filled out a bit (could have done without that one as they were already a small E cup & now they are starting to get scary) & my belly has popped. I'm not even experiencing that much morning sickness & sometimes I need to have a look at my u/s piccie to remind myself that I am even pg!!

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    I had nothing like that either Kirsty. Although my best friend asked where I got my boobs from the day I had a 2nd fitting for my bridesmaid dress for her wedding. (I was pregnant with Kameron and didn't know)

    But I did notice on both occasions that I had really bright yellow urine, before I had even tested (the urine is what led me to buy a HPT with Lach, plus some other BB girls had tested and got BFPs LOL) I wasn't on any vitamins with Kameron. I was with Lachlan but it still went brighter.


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    I had everything except the metalic taste, never had that one. But all the rest i have. Nausea, sore veiny & harder boobs, increased CM, darker areola.

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    Kirsty77 Guest


    I had

    No metallic taste
    No road map boobs
    No change in aerola untill 32-34 weeks
    I had increased CM from day one though
    I also had minimal morning sickness

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    With Nicholas, I seemed to have every pg symptom under the sun...... very sore/sensitive bb's, full veiny bbs, morning sickness that lasted all day, metalilic taste in my mouth (lasted whole pg), slightly darker aerola, hightened sense of smell and increase in cm.

    With this pg, I have no m/s, fuller bb's but they aren't sore or sensitive, my areola hasn't gotten any darker at all, I do have some veins but not a lot, I had the metallic taste for a couple of days at the start but that was it and my cm has increased slightly.

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    I can't really remember much from DS except no m/s just had to eat as soon as i got up, bb's definately grew, tired towards the end of pg and would fall asleep by about 8pm

    and with this pg,

    No m/s just needed to eat all the time from 3 1/2 weeks (before pg confirmed) till about 14 weeks. I was just sooo hungry - i was eating more than DH at times ](*,) .

    Yes i now have road map bb's, and the tingling sensation/tenderness from early on for a few weeks and now again in the last few weeks.

    Areolas now darker - i think from about 30 weeks

    Increased CM from about 25 weeks

    Of course extreme tiredness. I had this until about 10 weeks and it came back maybe about 26 weeks. I love it when DS has an arvo nap

    No metallic taste

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