thread: Pregnant in Sydney with private health care?

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    Pregnant in Sydney with private health care?

    Just wondering if there are any women on BB who are pregnant and in Sydney who are going privately.... but would have liked the option to have their own private midwife if the cover allowed it? Is anyone going private just because their cover will save them money? Please share your story here or via email to me, at my first name at

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    Nov 2008

    I'm in Sydney and going Private with an Ob. I'm actually really happy with my choice of Ob and chose to go Private because of the public hospital I would have had to go to for the birth. The issue for us was that we live at least a 20 minute drive from the public hospital that we are in the catchment area for and only 5 - 10 minutes from the Private hospital we're going to (which also has a public hospital attached to it incidentally). I may have considered a private midwife if it was covered by my health care and I was able to have a private midwife in a private hospital.

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    Aug 2006

    I'm in Sydney and delivering at a public hospital as a private patient with my own ob. I chose this path of care for my last two pregnancies after getting fed up with the lack of continuity of care at our local hospital. This is the only way I've worked out how to get that.

    My choices were definitely not financially based as for our last pregnancy we didn't have obstetric cover, for this pregnancy we do, but it is restricted cover.

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    Sep 2008
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    I am delievering in a public hospital as a private patient with my Obs. I work in health and trust this hospital implicity - the private cover is for my piece of mind.

    I am not sure I would have had a private midwife... I suppose I didn't really look into it much - but if I hadn't have decided long ago that I would birth at this public hospital as a private hospital then it may have been something I would have looked into.

    Going private with my cover wouldn't have really saved me money (from what I looked into but it was a while ago - 1 or so years).