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    Hi All

    I hope i am posting in the right section for this question.
    About 6 years ago i lost a large amount of weight (approx 60kg) and my tummy is rather soft and i never really got rid of my excess skin from when i was larger. At the moment i am nearly 22 weeks pregnant and my belly is sticking out and has definitely gotten bigger but still feels soft to touch. I can feel it is hard underneath but for others to touch it still feels like a flabby tummy.
    This is starting to embarrass me because of how many people come up and touch my belly (i really didnt realise how many people do this!). I have always had a flabby tummy but never had people touching it all the time.
    My question is, will my tummy eventually tighten all over as my pregnancy continues or will i have the soft outer layer throughout?
    I was hoping any mums or ladies who are later in pregnancy who werent blessed with an originally flat tunmmy might be able to share their experience?


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    I was fat to start with for both my girls. I was never blessed with the sexy preggie belly both times...but was noticeable i was preg by 36+ ever it was more tummy fat then belly.

    No matter what your belly looks like....ur still beautiful and theres a healthy bub growing inside

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    Mine does smooth out, But not till later pregnancy! If ppl are annoying you by feeling your belly just ask them to stop, thats what i do....
    Hope that helps.....

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    I started this pregnancy with lots of loose skin (from my last pregnancy!), and yes with time it has smoothed out... probably by 26 weeks or so it isn't so soft to touch anymore. Although now at 35 weeks there is still loose skin/flab around the bottom of my bump... most people touch the top/front anyway.
    Please don't worry, as Kim said, your bump is a beautiful one - its your little baby!
    And yes FWIW it probably will smooth out/harden more the further on you get.

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    My tummy has gotten harder from about 25 weeks. The top part in particular. Now I'm 31 weeks and if it gets any harder I'm going to explode. Be careful what you wish for! The bottom part of my tum is still loose and flabby.

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    i was talkin to a friend abotu this the other day. i am 21weeks and my tummy had only just started to tighten but my friend said she never had the round preggy belly and she didnt look reg till about 24 to 36 weeks. i still at the mo have the two bumps liek u do when ya tummy is pudgy not the one round big bump.
    Also i found if u r constantly gettin the same people rubbing ur tummy rub theirs back and after a few times they stop lol.

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    I have been wondering the same thing. My tummy has just started to grow alot more in the past 2 weeks. At the moment I just feel as though I have stopped sucking my tummy in and i just look (and feel) really fat. I've never had a flat stomach and my boobs are big so I just look Iike I've eaten too much chocolate! I still haven't had any strangers say 'when are you due', when it happens I'll know then that I look preg and not just fat! I'll be very excited then!

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    I've never had a taut tum either. At first my tummy felt the same as you describe, by the end it was still the same sort of thing but much less softness, so it wasn't embarrassing when people touched it. Bump fondlers are so strange aren't they? I'm glad I managed to dodge them for the most part! I can't imagine feeling comfortable enough to reach out and grab someones tummy!

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    I'm so suss about other people touching me that even when dearly adored FIL patted my tummy this past weekend I was somewhat skittish and had to restrain the jerking away reflex. For other people, reach out and rub theirs and see how they like it. Heh heh heh.. Good lord, our tummies are not public property because there's a baby inside.

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