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    I've been thinking about pregnancy maths before I got pregnant I just assumed you were pregnant for nine months.
    But then when I did get pregnant I always said it in in the end you're pregnant for 40 weeks....or 10 months (which is what I would say) (Although technically it's 9 and a half months of actually being pregnant, but 10 months from date of LMP).

    But then when I was say for eg. 24 weeks pregnant....Someone would ask me "So how far along are you?" I would sometimes say "6 months"....and then they would say "So not long to go, only three months".
    And then I would confuse them and say "Well not technically...I've still got 4 months to go, cos it's really 40 weeks"
    And then they would say "But you're only pregnant for 9 months"
    And then everyone would get confused! :-k :-k

    Anyway....does that make any sense??
    If not ....oh well!
    But if it do you calculate your pregnancy?

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    Technically a month is longer than 28 days (4 weeks) -so every three months there is one extra week. (= 52 weeks in a year)

    There are 13 weeks or so per trimester - plus 1 extra somewhere ?

    Some books say 3rd trimester begins at end 27 weeks - others start of 27th week

    As such we are 'pregnant 9 calendar months and 1 week' (but as you said really less 14 days from first day of last AF cycle)

    I go by weeks or 6 months is 26 weeks - next 3 months makes you 9 months or 39 weeks - last week is week 40.

    24 weeks is 5 calendar months and 2 weeks so not actually 6 months.

    Yes it is very confusing :-k

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    I only use weeks. If someone askes how many months I am I give them the answer in weeks anyway.

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    Yup... there's 13 weeks in 3 months. The 4 weeks to a month gets WAY off.

    I tend to say how far I am in weeks, altho now people ask how long to go rather than how far I am.

    If it's close to the calendar month I'd say 6 months or 7 months. I'm currently saying 2 months to go.. since I'm due 28 March, so at 28 Jan it was 2 months.

    It is confusing isn't it. I had a very confusing conversation with grandpa in singapore over it. LOL. He just couldn't wrap his head around the fact the baby is due in March.. he reckons its Feb.. coz he goes by 4 weeks to a month. WRONG. hehehe.

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    Oh Wow - I thought I was the only confused one... none of it makes any sense does it!!!

    Get this though - in a book I read they clarified each month as 4 weeks with the ninth month being 33 to term.... crazy stuff!

    The strange thing is men and people who haven't been pregnant will ask you how far along you in months - women who have been pregnant (or understand the confusion LOL) will ask how many weeks.

    So I'm 23 weeks, last week was technically 5 months as I'm due 25th May... very confusing even when you don't have baby brain!!!!

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    Like Ivana, once I got to the point where I was showing enough for people to be asking I used the months before my due date.

    So, I'm due March 19, on Dec 19 I said I was 6 months, Jan 19, 7 months, etc. Before that nobody asked 'cause they either couldn't tell or weren't sure, so if it came up and I told them I'd go by weeks (plus it seemed so far away at that stage!).

    Now I tell them I have 'less than 2 months to go, but if she wants to come anytime after my birthday in the middle of this month she's welcome!'

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    HAHA Okay...sorry to confuse! (Don't worry I was too!) :-k

    So basically next time I'm pregnant I'll just say it in weeks! As theres not exactly 4 weeks in a month it all gets muddled up!

    Thanks girls!

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    I never thought of it in weeks, just months, until i got pregnant and then i used weeks. I remember a couple of people asking how far along i was and i said 30 weeks and they were like well how longs that? I didnt actually know how many months because i got so used to weeks so i just said 10 weeks to go lol.

    But as Trish said, 40 weeks is 9 months and 1 week, so it's only just over 9 months.

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