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    I just wanted to know if any one else has gone into early labour and gone onto have a full term baby. I am a little scared as I started having contractions at 29 weeks. They got to 5 minutes apart but I had not started to dialate and after 4 hours they stopped without drugs. I have been told that if it happens again I will need to have a steriod shot as I will have the baby early. I am now taking things easy but would like to hear from other people

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    I had contractions at 27 weeks with my second baby and went on to have her at 37 weeks,and with my third baby i had contrax at about 28 weeks,and had her about 33-34 weeks...
    With Dominic i had a few pains at about 30 weeks,but my waters didnt break until i was 36 weeks...
    I hope everything goes well for you,im sure that bub and you will be just fine...

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    I haven't had anything like that happen to me, but I know of a lot of women who have gone into early labour, then stopped and gone on the full term, one even went 10 days post dates. I suppose your Doctor is just being cautious in case you do go early, but in likelyhood you will go to term. Was there a reason you went into labour?

    And definately rest up and not do anything too strenuous.

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