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    This may be a really silly question but... Do you think that there is a way to get your nipples ready for breastfeeding?? With DS my poor nipples were in such a state I was wondering if there was anyway that I could lessen this this time around. Mind you, when I was sanding down our nappy change table the other day I thought I would give my nipples a go too!! This was the only thing that I thought came close to what I felt before

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    a friend of mine told me that if you rub a dry stiff towel accros your nipples it will help i dont know but give it a go

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    Apparently in about 7 months I will be a qualified midwife - yikes!


    I don't know about preparing them for feeding, but I used Lansinoh cream (It is in a purple tube from teh chemist) after every single feed and I never had sore nipples with 2 children. I believe midwives also highly recommend this cream. (My sister recommended it to me after having 3 bubs and no sore nipples)

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