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Thread: Private Cord Blood Banking

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    Question Private Cord Blood Banking


    I know there has previously been threads on this, but i am wondering if there any new opinions.

    I am wanting to deliver the Placenta PRIOR to the cord being cut and although some of the 'banks' say that this is not advisable, they can still collect enough blood from the cord.

    I also inquired as to whether the blood can be used on my own child (some people have said no in previous posts) and although in some leaukemias it is more advisable to use from another source, the child's own stem cells can be used to buy more time so to speak.

    Has anyone looked into this and what are your opinions.
    It is very expensive, but part of me thinks of it as an insurance policy - would i kick myself if something happened in 10 years time and i didnt do it.

    Any comments, advise, recommendataions???


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    I don't know where you have received this information, but I am afraid it is incorrect. There is not currently any treatment that allows a child's own stem cells to be used on themselves.

    I will post some more info when I offload a squirming toddler...

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    Thanks Michael, i would appreciate the info - the people at Cryosite told me that just before i posted!

    Its so hard to get honest info

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