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Thread: probably a stupid laptop question

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    Default probably a stupid laptop question

    I use the laptop HEAPS and i sit it on a stable table on my lap or on my belly... could this be dangerous for baby?

    are there creepy little electrical waves or radiation or anything that i should care about?
    i'm sure this is a stupid question but I was just wondering.....

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    Don't put it on your belly. Those things get hot and Smylie needs a constant temperature. (Not only can you tell the girl who has spent 4-5 hours with a laptop on her lap, but also someone who has heard the story of why a naked man shouldn't use a laptop.) But otherwise I wouldn't be worried about it.

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    I used the laptop through the last trimester of my pregnancy & had the same worries, so I did a bit of research (or tried to). I couldn't find anything to say it was dangerous, but then again couldn't find anything to say it wasn't

    I figured for me, if there was nothing glaringly out there saying it was bad then it was probably ok.

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    Laptop causes no threats whats so ever.The baby can stay too a good temperature on its own,keeping itself cool or warm.Some woman even lay out in the sun as long as they keep their belly covered its ok.

    I use a laptop and to be honest,I cant see how it is comfortable placing a laptop on the belly.I was huge in my third trimester and I still had room on my lap to place the pc.

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    Hmmm, as long as it's not a Dell laptop!

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