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    i had my DD at a public hospital but when i have the next i woudl really like to have my bub at the john flynn private hosp.

    when i was preg with dd i would go to my local gp for check ups. do u still do this if u go private or do u go to the hosp for that?
    wat else i have no idea wat happens?

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    If you want to deliver at a private hospital, you need a referral to a private obstetrician. Your GP will probably know who delivers where and can refer you to a private obstetrician who delivers at the hospital you want to deliver in.

    All your ante-natal check ups and visits will be with the obstetrician - not at the hospital or GP. Some obstetricians do GP shared care, which means you see the GP sometimes and the obstetrician sometimes.

    Best to have a discussion with your GP about the options.

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    My ob does shared care with midwives so approx everyother time i go i see a midwife. Unless there are complications and then you would see the actual ob more.

    Each hosp is dif because the public where i am you usually go to the hosp for appts not a gp.

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