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Thread: Question regarding epidurals???

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    Default Question regarding epidurals???

    I had an epidural when i was in labour with my son and i hear alot of peole being able to have epidurals which still allow them to walk around... May i ask if this was discussed with the midwifes/obs before you went into labour or whilst in labour. I like the sound of being able to walk around and although with my son it was impossible due to having him vaccummed out this time i would like the epidural alot earlier in my labour, and still ebing able to walk to shift the baby further down the canal sounds great to me.

    Any answers would be appreciated thanks in advance xoxoxo

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    Hi ,
    I had an epidural , I didnt even ask if it was one where I can walk or not , but soon after I had it done i stood up with no problems and went to the loo. I needed a nurse and my mum to hold me up just in case , my legs were a bit numb , but it was possible.
    During the labour I needed top ups , each one made my legs a bit more wobbly but if I really needed too im sure i could still have walked

    Hope this helps !

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    Sadly, the walking/mobile epidural wasn't available at my hospital (I went public); but there are quite a few hospitals getting them from what I hear.

    Perhaps some of the ladies who have had them could give you an idea of whether there are any requirements for being able to use them?
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    I have no idea which epidural I had as I slept when it went in although it didn't last long as it only numbed my left side!LOL!I didn't even try to get up.

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    It wasn't available in the public hos where I had DD in 2004 and I didn't actually know they were available here now!
    Thanks for the heads up I will be asking the hospital I'm delivering at this time
    Sounds much better than being confined to bed doesn't it?

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