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Thread: A question for those who have had an epi...

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    Question A question for those who have had an epi...

    OK, its not actully the epi im asking about but similar to...

    About 3-4 weeks ago now DH had a spinal tap done....(which is pretty much an epi only they take fluid instead of putting fluid in) and he is still in pain from it. His back constantly aches and sore to touch.... still very bruised.

    I guess what im asking is:

    Has any one thats had an epi suffered these kind of things this far down the track..and is it something to worry about or is it normal?

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    hey kim i had an epidural had no drama at the time but have bad headaches that i started getting a few months later and i have continued to suffer from.

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    I had an epi and no back problems from that. However, if they took fluid from the spine then yes, that hurts a lot and you can feel bruised for 6-8 weeks (from memory). It really is a killer and he needs rest time - not easy when you need help with your pregnancy and DD, but even things like walking or moving his arms can hurt, depending on where/how it was done. At least he can have painkillers!

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    I've heard alot of women who complain of back pain at the epidural site for a long time after giving birth, so it does happen.
    I've had two epis and I have been lucky, I have had no lasting side effects from either one. I couldn't tell you where it was put in because I've never had any pain after it.

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    I had an epi, & I also had a lumbar (sp?) puncture (which is similar) done about a year ago, and both times I had back pain. After the LP the pain lasted for about a month.

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