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    May 2005

    Question Time

    i got my BFP this morning and would like to ask some questions. i worked out that i am due on the date of my first anniversary - 22 january!

    firstly i am making an appointment at the doctors - should i take my HPT with me? what should i expect?

    i live in Armidale, rural NSW, and am unsure about the differences in the health care i might recieve here as to that which i have seen disscussed by those who live in city areas. if there are anyother women from small country towns, would you be able to tell me about the typ of medical attention you received. i have heard people talk about having regular appointments with obstatricians and such, is that the normal practice - or will it be my GP who i see on a regular basis (or both).

    also when can i expect things to happen? ie, my first ultrasound.

    and also, how early is too early to tell people??

    sorry for all the questions, but i will be a first time mum and the only person i know who is pregnant is my sister (she is 18, 22weeks along, living in canberra and pretty clueless) none of my friends have had kids yet, and even if i were planning on telling my mother just now, she had the last of her six kids 13years ago.

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    Mar 2005
    Sydney, NSW

    Wow, congratulations Misty, HOW EXCITING!!!
    I can't help you as far as being from out of town, however I am nearly 10 weeks, so going through all the Doc appointments.
    I went to my GP and he referred me to get blood tests done (HIV, Rubella, chicken pox etc). He also referred me to a place to get ultrasound. I rang them and I am going to see them when Im 12 weeks. They also sent me some info about a blood test to have in conjunction with the ultrasound, so I've booked to have that 4 days before u/s (It detects down syndrome and some other things I think). I was also advised to book into Dr or hospital of choice, so I am now booked into the midwives at the RNS hospital in sydney.
    Basically the Dr will tell you where to go from here.
    BEst of luck and wishing you a happy healthy pregnancy xoxo

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    Nov 2004
    Giving the gift of life to a friend..

    Congratulations MISTY...

    I guess watch Blue Heelers & Macloeds daughters.... Only Kidding...

    I think best thing you can do is go see your GP for blood tests to confirm pregnancy no need to take HPT.
    Then ask GP where you go from here, usually you go see your OB or whomever is looking after you during pregnancy & I am sure there'll be persons in your Town who do this, every 4ish weeks, but initially not alot happens once bloods confirm pregnancy until aboutr 12 ish wks when they do an U/S & then after that usually there's a 20 wk scan...
    Ask your Dr to expalin what needs to happen... You'll be fine...

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    Nov 2003

    Hey Misty,

    Congrats again on your BFP!

    I live in a small rural town down here in Tassie. I guess there are probably quite a few differences depending on where you live and what your doc likes to do so it might be best to have a good chat to your GP about what happens.

    If you have an OB then you might see him every once in a while but it'll probably be your GP who you see most often (probably also depends on whether you're going public or private). I'm going through the public system and I was only referred to an OB because of my history and being classed as high risk, otherwise I would have just seen my GP (who's surgery is a couple of towns away!) about once a month and then at around 20 weeks I would have started seeing the midwives at the hospital over in the bigger town.

    As for ultrasounds, a lot of the girls on BB seem to have one at 12w and then around 18-20w like Tracey mentioned, however down here if my pg was only low risk and I was just seeing a GP/midwives I would have only gotten 1 u/s at around 18w.


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    May 2005

    thank you for your replies. i think i'm still in a bit of shock. it's like i'm pregnant - now what. i'm in a state of estatic disbleif and realisatio that i am actually pregnant and that i have a little omlette growing inside of me. :-s

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    Mar 2005
    Bunbury, WA

    Omlette is a cute name! lol

    oh.. google just told me its spelt omelette though...

    You prob wont feel that its actually happening til you give birth! lol


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    Jan 2005
    Country NSW

    Hey Misty


    I live in Dubbo (pop 42,000) and I find that the health serivce I am getting is great - couldn't ask for bettter,

    When I went to the Doctor and had my pg confirmed, she let me know of all my options, like seiing my ob or ob combined with gp or midwives etc... if your doc doesn't tell you these things, ask.

    Unforunatly not much happens for the first few (like 8-10) weeks and I went nuts in that time, but you should have you first u/s around 12 weeks and then things will feel a lot more real

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    Mar 2005
    Sydney, NSW

    Yep, Im almost 10 weeks and still waiting in disbelief!! THe Dr didn't even confirm mine, he said home tests are reliable. So Im actually desperately waiting on u/s to let me know for SURE Im pregnant!! (I would say huge boobs, m/s, no period) etc is a good sign.

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    Dec 2004

    Hi Misty,

    CONGRATULATIONS on your BFP, and hope you are feeling great and the dreaded m/s has not hit yet =D>

    Can't help on the rural thing, and I can only echo what the other girls have said - first thing is to get your dr to confirm, and he will also probably do some other blood tests (e.g. blood group, rubella immunity, Hep B/C, STDs etc) just to check everything is ok. Then, I'm afraid, it is a waiting game until the 12 week scan - NOTHING happens! And it is a little frustrating - like Webbmeg, I had to wait until my first U/S before I could really believe I was pg, esp as I didn't have any symptoms.

    LOL - LOVE the name omlette!!

    Wishing you a H&H pg,

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    Feb 2004

    Congrats on your BFP Misty!

    Get it confirmed by your GP and ask him about the situation, it will also depend on which hosptial you think you'll like to go to as well. If he believes you need to see an OB, or if you want to, he'll refer you. It is your decision, personally I opted for an OB first pregnancy as I had no clues as to what was happening!

    wishing you all the best....