thread: Really what is so bad about dec babies!!!

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    Aug 2008

    Unhappy Really what is so bad about dec babies!!!

    GRRRR, just so upset, by some of the reactions i have had so far, and we havent told a lot of people, all my friends on bb know, my cousin, cause she is also expecting, my mum, sis and two school mums!

    So far, my sister rolled her eyes when she found out the due date, one school mum said oh no, and the other said, o Dec is a bad month for u! and they never said congrats!

    Ok its not my ideal month, but i feel so lucky to be pregnant again, i dont care what month, and tbh, march would be a much worse month as we already have 6 family bdays.

    and i can easly add the bday gift to the xmas layby.

    sorry just a little vent, i feel so let down by the negative reactions, especially my sister, but thats for a whole other thread!

    Is december really that bad?
    (and i may be out on my dd, so it could be early jan)

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    Dec 2008

    well im happy for you even if there born on xmas day lol...each baby is a precious gift whenever they decide to come

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    Jan 2008

    aw honey

    I know some people (including myself) wouldnt like a December baby in hindsight

    1. Too close to Xmas
    2. What happens with schooling
    3. They have to wait the whole year to have a birthday

    and so on.

    But whether or not they like having a baby in December really has nothing to do with them. It is you and DH's decision.

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    Oh yeah, those babies, such a darn inconvenience! Who cares about them coming when they are ready! I feel for you hon... I'd just reply with a 'Really? I think its the BEST time! Might even get to catch the baby myself!'

    Not forgetting that only 3-5% chance he/she will be born on the EDD.
    Kelly xx

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    Feb 2006
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    I've never got the whole issue around Dec babies either. My sister is due in Dec and I think it is great!

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    Feb 2008

    Psht. When they say something, just remind them its your baby and not theirs. And you dont view your childs birthday as inconvienent.

    Your EDD is the same as my DD. I thought it was going to be difficult, but in hindsight, in the mid year toy sale I whack an extra bunch of stuff on laybuy. And bam, christmas/birthday done.

    When we looked at TTC another - we contemplated what would be a 'busy' month for birthdays etc. But really, theres something in every month.

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    Aug 2008

    Thanks gals
    I am actually pretty happy about it, the timing is really good, hubby starts a course in july that goes till dec, so there is no boss to ask for time off when the baby is due, and all my realatives are visiting from adelaide, so my gran will get to see her grandbaby, as a baby, and not as a toddler, and if its possiable, she may get to watch the birth.
    And ill have heaps of family to help look after the other kids.

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    Dec 2007
    Sunny Qld

    I think anyone who is able to be blessed with the gift of a baby should appreciate it coming whatever time it wants to.

    But - we haven't told a lot of people yet. My mum knows... my SIL and brother (cos she's a member on here)... umm.. my boss... a few girls from work... thats it.

    Haven't told my sister or ANY of DH's family... or any friends.

    And I've asked DH if we can just like, not tell and just go visit them one day with a new baby.. he won't let me though

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    Jan 2008


    I'd take any time of the year atm lol

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    Jul 2006

    When DS was due on 8th January my only fear was he'd come around Xmaz/NYE time....he didnt of course and came half way through January.

    DD1 was ment to be a Dec bub and i loved it...ment nice pretty outfits cos it would be hot!

    Other then the Christmas festivities i dont have any issues with a Dec bub....maybe ill add it to my list

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    Jun 2005
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    wha? what happens with schooling?? and doesn't everyone wait a whole year for their next birthday? LOL.

    If we're talking schooling, then march is a bad time I reckon.. it already stuffed up trying to get DS enrolled in preschool.. they couldn't enrol him until he actually turned 3, so all those already 3 took up all the spots. We were lucky a place did become available. We won't have that hassle with DD (she's a Nov baby.. was supposed to be Dec!) so she'll be the right age at the beginning of the year.

    I'm in January.. and it made things feel neat.. I started school at 5, no decisions whether to hold me back or whatever, like you would with say a April baby.. do we start at 4 & 9 mths, or hold off until turning 6...

    meh - there's good & bad for every month LOL. I find it amazing that people would try and plan a certain month? Should just be grateful to have that baby!

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    Mar 2008
    Sunny QLD!

    meh - there's good & bad for every month LOL. !

    I was just about to say that!

    Darls, its perfect for you and D.... ignore those other people! They are probably just jealous!

    And dont take it too much to heart, they have NO IDEA, what it has taken for you to get here, so its no surprise they arent sharing in your happiness, but remember - its their thoughts and opinions - you dont have to take it on! Hear it, let it flow out the other ear and keep going!


    Who cares what anyone other than you and D think babe!

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    Aug 2008

    This is why i love bb

    yep, it doesnt matter when ur birthday is in our house, we make the effort to make it a big wonderful day, so even though it may be close to xmas, really doesnt faze me.

    and ur right bec, its perfect for me.

    I just dont know why, when im all smiles and say i am pregnant, and due in dec, they have this negative comment, even a simple congrats and nothing else would have been better, makes me not want to tell anyone else, and just share my joy on bb!

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    Oct 2008



    As far as schooling as an issue - you live in Qld - our school year is based on July - June birthdays which puts your bub right in the centre of the age group (ideal, I say ) They won't be going stir crazy at home or care because they are understimulated and needed to start school already but they won't be the youngest in their grade.

    As for the Christmas thing, all the best toys go on sale for Christmas not to mention the six month layby that you can get in July on cheap toys at Target, Kmart & Big W.

    But at the end of the day ... all you really want is a healthy baby ... who cares when it was born

    I hope that you have an incredibly happy and healthy nine months.

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    Feb 2009
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    Lisa - please tell whomever gives you a negative reaction to a Dec birth to stuff it. Seriously.

    We've all learned from BB that so many women would take a baby in Defebmarchober (my fake month) if only they could have a healthy bub. Is the EDD really that much of a worry? NOOOOO.

    Jump for joy, scream with glee and just smile at the fact that you have a gorgeous baby in your belly whether they start school "on time" or not!!

    Shari xo

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    Sep 2007

    My only thought hearing Dec/Jan is how much I'll feel for you in that heat!
    I had DS in March & I dunno how I survived summer, lol!!

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    Feb 2005
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    we were due on the 16th Dec but due to a cs were going to have her early Dec but it still didn't stop the negative reactions. I think it is just because December is a busy month..

    I would respond with. I will get the best Xmas present ever this year be it early or late

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    Jul 2007

    Hi Anila, Firstly Congratulations hun on expecting again. How exciting. My first was born on the 20th December, and honestly almost 18yrs later come this December it most definately hasnt been a problem, and is definately not an inconvenience or a bad month for us, and hasnt been for any one around us as well. As far as the child having to wait a whole year for their birthday to come around, so does everyone. They all have to wait a whole yr for their birthdays. I believe my DS loves the fact that he gets pressies more than anyone else does when it hits December. Also what we normally do is make sure his birthday is acknowledged separately to the christmas events.
    Enjoy your blessing hun, and think of December as being a special month to bring another life into the world.
    My second oldest was born in November, and my last one was October, and the rest of us are March, April and May, so really I could write off the whole yr as being a bad yr. hehehe.
    Hugs again and enjoy the rest of your pgcy and just think of the most precious gift of all at the end of it, your little bub.