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Thread: recognizing people already?

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    Default recognizing people already?

    My smart little boy....
    while i was at a antenatal appointment the other week with my mum i was lying on the bed getting sum kind of feotal heart tracing, basically lie on bed and it prints out baby james heart beat for 40 minutes, well everytime my mum and i talked he went crazy moving around and heart racing but when ever the midwife came back in to check the monitor his heart rate would slow down and stop moving.

    its like he knew he didnt know that person as soon as they started talking but he knew my mum and my voice instantly.

    this happens all the time, he may be having a quiet day (not much moving) but as soon as his dad comes home from work its like his saying "daddy your home!!, i missed you" and wont stop moving for hours.

    does anyone else have any strange stories like this?

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    WOW! That is awesome. I can't remember from when I was preggers with Talia. But once she was born she recognized the sound of Daddys car whenever he got home from work. Didn't matter if she was sleeping, which she usual was as daddy worked night shift and didn't get home til 3-5 in the morning. She would wake up as soon as she heard the car and daddy would get her as soon as he come in and played and talked to her for 1/2-1hour. She loved it and so did he!! They are such clever little things.

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