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    I know there are some recommended readings on BB, but I would like to find out if you read any books during your pregnancy relating to bubs (either during or post pregnancy).

    Have been looking around but would like to hear from you what you found useful to know.

    I'm thinking of purchasing the wonder weeks.

    Perhaps you didn't read any books and found the information from other sources - would love to hear your thoughts.

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    Hi, there was a thread on this the other day and some really good books were advised, rather than copying out all the titles here is the link:

    Happy reading! :-)

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    Best source of advice i think you'll ever get is from taking to other mums. Definately go to a playgroup or mums group of some sort when you have bubs, i have 2 sister with same age kids as my daughter (all within 6wks of each other) and they were a great source of help but other mums have so much helpful information to give, if you dont like their advice then dont take it but this way you get so many different perspectives whereas a book only provides one.

    Good luck

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