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    Hi, I've been told that i have to limit my activity in the first trimester. Cutting down on exercise and no heavy lifting. I was wondering if anyone could tell me what sort of things I shoud be restricting myself from doing and what is classed as heavy lifting ? my hubby is away alot and so I do most of the things around the house. Should I not mow the lawn ?, lol. I am so confused as my dr hasn't said anything about what i shouldn't be doing.


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    May 2005

    i was just wondering who told you that. if it was a doc then they obviously know best and you should certainly follow their advice, particularly as it is specific to you.

    but the reason i ask is because if it wasn't your doctor you might want to check it out. my MIL constantly tries to tell me what you have just said - but when i asked my ob about it she told me that there was no reason i couldn't continue doing anything i was already doing for the first trimester. i am not saying it is the same for you, but i would have a doctors opinion on the matter.

    i did give up hockey, but that was because of insurance reasons (plus i was a goaly and my job was to stop balls with my body). but i have continued with everything else. i even continue to ride my motorbike, much to the disgust of my MIL.

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    Custardtart Guest

    Hi Fruitwood,
    It's generally accepted that lifting heavy weights when pregnant can put a strain on the stomach muscles and can cause the placenta to detach from the womb if too much strain is placed on the area, which can cause you to bleed a little, and in worst cases miscarry. That said, what defines 'heavy lifting' is very subjective and depends a lot upon your build and fitness level.
    Mowing the lawn should be fine, I found that lifting baskets of wet washing placed a strain on me in the first pregnancy and I needed to stop it but this time around I have more strength in my core muscles and can do it with ease. Basically, listen to your body and if something feels like too much effort, don't do it.

    You don't need to wrap yourself in cotton wool, keeping up exercise levels is VERY IMPORTANT if you want to keep in shape for carrying the baby through the third trimester, I heartily recommend low-impact exercises like swimming or pilates, which I do myself and plan to continue through the entire pregnancy. I wouldn't recommend a program for weightlifting in the gym, (No Miss Universe for you, this year!) but aerobic exercise is just fine, and if you aren't currently exercising you should probably take up some gentle exercise, believe me, you will be grateful for it in the third trimester when the weight of the baby starts to put a strain on your joints and you need the muscular support.

    Do keep in mind that there are a lot of 'shoulds' and shouldn'ts' around, and a good half of them are old wives tales There's a lot of good information around on this site, I hope you enjoy yourself here.


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    i agree. my dr told me not to change anything unless i felt uncomfortable doing it, and dont start any new exercises that your body is not already used to.

    i think it is different if you are classes as a high risk pregnancy, but generally i find that your body tells you when you are overdoing it if you listen,


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    Fruitwood Guest

    Thanks for your replies. I read a book that said if your job required you to do heavy lifting that you should go onto light duties for your first trimester and then a friend said a similar thing to me so I really wasn't sure as my dr hasn't said anything to me about that side of things, she's been more concerned about getting my tests/scans done as the waiting lists at the moment are really long. Thanks for the advice.


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    I was a vet nurse and I still lifted and did all the heavy duties for a few months, there was a time though that I wasn't able to physically do things anymore, and my body definately told me when. I kept everyone else in the clinic aware of what was going on so they all knew what they could expect from me. I went onto light duties at 27 weeks and at 30 weeks I finished all nursing & did only administration after that. HTH!