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    Hi there,
    I have a query i hope someone can help me.
    i am supposed to be staying with a friend this weekend and she has just called me to tell me that her cats have ringworm!

    I have told her that i wont stay there but because we havent seen each other in couple of years we would really like to catch up and maybe have lunch. She says she doesnt have any signs of it but cant be sure that she isnt carrying the virus. Is it safe to go and have lunch with her or should i avoid it altogether?

    Does anyone know how it is transmitted?

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    ring worm is actually a fungus (like tinea) not a virus. You can catch it from direct contact with some one who has it or contact with an object that they have been in contact with (hats, towels).
    I would think that going for coffe would be ok but maybe it would be best not to hug her.

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    Yep I agree.It should be fine.My mum actually got ringworm when I was pregnant with Gemma and the docs said unless I actaully touched where it was that I wouldn't get it.

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    hi.i work in child care and recently one of the children had ringworm. what is a negative side effect on pregnancy if a pregnant woman develops ringworm? can it harm the baby?

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